Tuesday, April 21, 2009


HERE IS A TRULY ADDICTIVE LINK FOR STREAMING VIDEO DEBATES BY DR. KENT HOVIND AGAINST MANY, MANY EVOLUTIONIST PROFESSORS, ETC...it's constantly changing, streaming video so anytime you check it out you'll probably find something different going on! -- CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM T.V.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Have you ever noticed the awesome ORANGE? If you look closely you'll notice that God has wrapped it for you just like you'd find your food packaged at the store...only God's packing is completely biodegradeable and useful in all sorts of things! Secondly you'll find beyond the peel that God has individually wrapped each delicious slice for you. Each one is coated with a thin membrane that easily separates so you can eat it! And what about that delicious taste...did you realize that you could have something completely edible yet it might taste atrocious! God put such a great taste to your food that you actually want to eat it!

You'll notice that LIGHT is shining through our orange slice picture...did you know that God created the light as well? In fact light is made up of photons. Now unless God had given you a retina within your amazingly complex eye that could detect and then transmit photon data as nerve impulses to your complex brain for decoding, you wouldn't even know what light was! However since we have it, isn't it interesting to note that light moves incredibly fast? In fact it's important that it move as fast as it does on a practical level...for instance if I step into the street and a car is coming, I'd better have light from that vehicle transmitted at 186,000 miles per second to my eye so I'll have time to do something about my horrible situation! God is our amazing CREATOR folks...shouldn't we glorify him as such?!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hey guys, take a look at this picture! If you went on a trip to mars and found this android there what would you conclude?

  1. Would you conclude that someone had designed and built it, a creator of very high intelligence?

  2. Or would you conclude that it must have evolved from the metals naturally found within the bedrock through a process taking millions--perhaps even billions of years--through which it became gradually more and more like the android you saw before you.

  3. Perhaps you might even find other things like an iron frying pan, a hammer, a toaster, a calculator and a laptop computer all buried in the rock. Wouldn't that give you enough prood to conclude that one led to the other by natural selection and eventually the android came into being?

Of course only a very foolish person would believe such a thing, but now think about if you went to Mars and found a human being there...would you conclude that all of these foolish notions were true of the MORE COMPLEX, LIVING human being, or would you be forced to conclude that some very intelligent creator had designed and formed (built) that human being and placed him there within a perfectly suited environment to sustain that life?

The answer of course is obvious, but why do you suppose we choose the foolish ideas to follow here on planet Earth? Could it be that someone doesn't want you to believe in that Creator? Could it be that they don't want to be accountable to him or submit to his authority and so they've fashioned lies to soothe their burning conscience and yours...to lull you into a false sense of security? Just something to think about...because if that Great God and Creator is really there and you don't realize what he requires of you, then you're in big trouble when death takes you to meet him face to face.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The blue butterfly testifies immensely of our CREATOR! One scientist who studied a brilliant blue tropical butterfly under the microscope discovered there is a three dimensional architecture on each scale on the wings. These wing scales overlap like roof shingles and cover the wings of the butterfly. The surfaces of these scales are covered with perfect structures - rows upon rows of them - which resemble narrow skyscrapers on arching supports. Imagine each skyscraper to be made of transparent material like glass and the distance between each reflective floor of the skyscaper to be half a wavelength of light. Each of these particular scales reflects blue light and no other. The floors of these skyscrapers are about 1/100,000th of an inch apart! And these "skyscrapers" are but minute portions of each infintesimal wing scale among many scales covering each wing. Therefore the gorgeous color in the wings of a blue butterfly depends upon the precise spacing between these reflecting floors upon these skyscaper structures...all microscopic!

But hey, when we consider the infinite wisdom of our CREATOR GOD, such marvels become understandable! But that's not all folks...

Before a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it must go through a complete cycle of metamorphosis, in four stages: egg, larva, catepillar, pupa and then the adult butterfly. Essentially the catepillar disintegrates into glob of organic soup within the cocoon. A miracle then happens as every part of the former catepillar is transformed: jaws, claws, legs, digestive system of the catepillar all disappear. Then the shapes of the head, legs and thorax of the butterfly gradually begin to appear. This cannot reasonably be explained by any mechanical theory of Evolution! Yet this miracle occurs generation upon generation without chance mutations or variations! Only God can make a butterfly!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey all you sapien types, I've recently seen a new magazine article which claims that man is still evolving and at a substantially faster rate than ever before. My only question was, "when did we establish as fact that man had ever evolved?"

Presumptuous as this may sound, we have no evidence whatsoever that mankind or any other creature has ever evolved. Now if they're talking about differences in brainscans according to environment and such then remember our bodies adapt to certain environmental forces, but that isn't evolution. For instance, your brain makes new neural connections all the time. From an infant on up, as you learn, your brain is making new neural connections and pathways. That isn't evolution.

Evolution would be a woman giving birth to a completely new species, something NOT human. But that has never happened. You know, when the CREATOR made this world and populated it with plants and animals and all manner of creeping things upon the Earth, the bible says they reproduced "after their own kind."

In other words, apple trees always produce apples and orange trees always produce oranges. Dogs may produce a variety of different kinds of dogs from the dog gene pool, but they always produce more dogs! In the same way, folks, human beings always produce other human beings. That's not evolution, but it is just exactly what God said in the beginning!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello everyone and welcome back to my class! As we continue to examine the handywork of the the Creator. Today we look at the birds and the bees for a moment. Did you know that scientists claim the bee should not be able to fly? And yet they do anyway, because that is the way they were made. Man doesn't know everything you know? In fact it took many years for man to figure out a way to make his machines fly. Ultimately the Wright Brothers were able to solve the problems associated with mechanical flight, but the birds and bees had always been doing it because the Creator designed them precisely for it.

Speaking of Birds and Bees, both of these amazing creatures are very important to the process of pollenation. Without pollenation most of the species of plants in our world would not be able to reproduce. While their are a number of ways to go about pollenation, Vector pollenation is essential. This involves an insect, bird or bat coming to the plant or flower and unknowingly carrying pollen on its body to other plants or flowers of the same species.

Now, many scientists claim that plants evolved earlier than the higher creatures who happen to be the vectors used by them for pollenation...so how did they survive those millions of years waiting on their vector animal or insect to evolve?

Also, it is important to note that these flowers and such utilize smells and colors to attract their vectors. I'm wondering how a brainless plant would know which color was necessary to attract a bee or bird. And by the way, did you know that most birds don't even smell things. And did you realize that the plants using birds as vectors don't produce fragrances in order to attract them? Wow! How did those brainless plants know not to bother producing attractive fragrances? How did those brainless plants know that their bird vectors didn't attract by smell?

Gee it's almost as if a wonderful, all powerful CREATOR had to design both the flowers and their vectors to work together in the ecosystem he created and he had to create them, not millions of years apart, very close together, maybe even days...wink, wink.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We'll be introducing a new feature today: taking a look at the awesome creative work of God with Professor Darwin. Yes, we know he's a monkey...

"Taking a general view of our solar system, I am amazed to find so much order. It really is a system! Consider all of the complex mechanisms in place: Gravity, Planetary Orbits & Rotations, Lunar Orbits & Rotations as well as the distant orbits of comets and the seemingly random meanderings of an untold number of massive objects we never see (some which are the size of small states!)
"Amazingly, like one of those science fair model kits, its all put together and functioning in such a way that the pieces never collide and go BOOOOM!
First, let's consider the Gravity of the situation. Gravity is an attractive force which is responsible for matter remaining bound together into objects like our Sun as well as the planets and moons, etc. It is also responsible for holding the planets in their orbits around the sun and the orbits of moons around planets. A change in the nature of Gravity would literally disperse all matter or crush it together unmercifully. Yet we find that Gravity is under such precise control that everything moves cleanly, efficiently and best of all safely for you and I here on the Earth. Some would argue that Gravity is a natural law...yes, but who established the Law?
Or consider the sizes of objects in our solar system. Since this solar system and Earth in particular supports life, everything must operate precisely to maintain the exact balance of conditions which support that life. For instance, were the Sun larger or simply hotter than it is, life on Earth would fry! Or were the Sun smaller or simply cooler than it is, we'd all be a bunch of popsicles! Now, what if other planets were smaller or larger in our solar system? This would change their gravity and thus effect orbital paths around the sun and the relation of planets to one another. We might find that the slightest change could lead us on a collision course with one of our planetary neighbors. Or gravity being changed among planetary bodies could alter the course of other objects which pass through our solar system like comets. We've seen in recent years, a comet strike the planet Jupiter. The resulting explosions did nothing to the gas giant, but for Earth it would have devastated the planet...amazing that it doesn't ever happen isn't it?!
Next consider the simple axis and angle at which Planet Earth rotates--approximately 23 degrees of tilt. This angle is responsible for our weather patterns and the seasonal changes. If this were not precisely in tune the way we find it, then life would cease to exist on this planet. Could we have life without the seasonal cycle of growth, maturation then death and decomposition? Without the basic foundation of our global food chain, vegetation, every creature would die. Or how long would we last in forever winter or forever summer, etc?
"In closing today's segment, we creatures find a finely tuned balance in creation essential for life to exist on this planet. That infinitely accurate balance extends far beyond little ole planet Earth to everything around us in our solar system and beyond. Zillions and Zillions of objects, movements, and complex processes have to work in complete harmony to sustain our fragile existence...it makes me wonder how mere chance and circumstance could ever accomplish the slightest fraction of it."