Monday, March 23, 2009


Have you ever noticed the awesome ORANGE? If you look closely you'll notice that God has wrapped it for you just like you'd find your food packaged at the store...only God's packing is completely biodegradeable and useful in all sorts of things! Secondly you'll find beyond the peel that God has individually wrapped each delicious slice for you. Each one is coated with a thin membrane that easily separates so you can eat it! And what about that delicious taste...did you realize that you could have something completely edible yet it might taste atrocious! God put such a great taste to your food that you actually want to eat it!

You'll notice that LIGHT is shining through our orange slice picture...did you know that God created the light as well? In fact light is made up of photons. Now unless God had given you a retina within your amazingly complex eye that could detect and then transmit photon data as nerve impulses to your complex brain for decoding, you wouldn't even know what light was! However since we have it, isn't it interesting to note that light moves incredibly fast? In fact it's important that it move as fast as it does on a practical level...for instance if I step into the street and a car is coming, I'd better have light from that vehicle transmitted at 186,000 miles per second to my eye so I'll have time to do something about my horrible situation! God is our amazing CREATOR folks...shouldn't we glorify him as such?!

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