Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We'll be introducing a new feature today: taking a look at the awesome creative work of God with Professor Darwin. Yes, we know he's a monkey...

"Taking a general view of our solar system, I am amazed to find so much order. It really is a system! Consider all of the complex mechanisms in place: Gravity, Planetary Orbits & Rotations, Lunar Orbits & Rotations as well as the distant orbits of comets and the seemingly random meanderings of an untold number of massive objects we never see (some which are the size of small states!)
"Amazingly, like one of those science fair model kits, its all put together and functioning in such a way that the pieces never collide and go BOOOOM!
First, let's consider the Gravity of the situation. Gravity is an attractive force which is responsible for matter remaining bound together into objects like our Sun as well as the planets and moons, etc. It is also responsible for holding the planets in their orbits around the sun and the orbits of moons around planets. A change in the nature of Gravity would literally disperse all matter or crush it together unmercifully. Yet we find that Gravity is under such precise control that everything moves cleanly, efficiently and best of all safely for you and I here on the Earth. Some would argue that Gravity is a natural law...yes, but who established the Law?
Or consider the sizes of objects in our solar system. Since this solar system and Earth in particular supports life, everything must operate precisely to maintain the exact balance of conditions which support that life. For instance, were the Sun larger or simply hotter than it is, life on Earth would fry! Or were the Sun smaller or simply cooler than it is, we'd all be a bunch of popsicles! Now, what if other planets were smaller or larger in our solar system? This would change their gravity and thus effect orbital paths around the sun and the relation of planets to one another. We might find that the slightest change could lead us on a collision course with one of our planetary neighbors. Or gravity being changed among planetary bodies could alter the course of other objects which pass through our solar system like comets. We've seen in recent years, a comet strike the planet Jupiter. The resulting explosions did nothing to the gas giant, but for Earth it would have devastated the planet...amazing that it doesn't ever happen isn't it?!
Next consider the simple axis and angle at which Planet Earth rotates--approximately 23 degrees of tilt. This angle is responsible for our weather patterns and the seasonal changes. If this were not precisely in tune the way we find it, then life would cease to exist on this planet. Could we have life without the seasonal cycle of growth, maturation then death and decomposition? Without the basic foundation of our global food chain, vegetation, every creature would die. Or how long would we last in forever winter or forever summer, etc?
"In closing today's segment, we creatures find a finely tuned balance in creation essential for life to exist on this planet. That infinitely accurate balance extends far beyond little ole planet Earth to everything around us in our solar system and beyond. Zillions and Zillions of objects, movements, and complex processes have to work in complete harmony to sustain our fragile existence...it makes me wonder how mere chance and circumstance could ever accomplish the slightest fraction of it."

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