Friday, February 13, 2009


The blue butterfly testifies immensely of our CREATOR! One scientist who studied a brilliant blue tropical butterfly under the microscope discovered there is a three dimensional architecture on each scale on the wings. These wing scales overlap like roof shingles and cover the wings of the butterfly. The surfaces of these scales are covered with perfect structures - rows upon rows of them - which resemble narrow skyscrapers on arching supports. Imagine each skyscraper to be made of transparent material like glass and the distance between each reflective floor of the skyscaper to be half a wavelength of light. Each of these particular scales reflects blue light and no other. The floors of these skyscrapers are about 1/100,000th of an inch apart! And these "skyscrapers" are but minute portions of each infintesimal wing scale among many scales covering each wing. Therefore the gorgeous color in the wings of a blue butterfly depends upon the precise spacing between these reflecting floors upon these skyscaper structures...all microscopic!

But hey, when we consider the infinite wisdom of our CREATOR GOD, such marvels become understandable! But that's not all folks...

Before a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it must go through a complete cycle of metamorphosis, in four stages: egg, larva, catepillar, pupa and then the adult butterfly. Essentially the catepillar disintegrates into glob of organic soup within the cocoon. A miracle then happens as every part of the former catepillar is transformed: jaws, claws, legs, digestive system of the catepillar all disappear. Then the shapes of the head, legs and thorax of the butterfly gradually begin to appear. This cannot reasonably be explained by any mechanical theory of Evolution! Yet this miracle occurs generation upon generation without chance mutations or variations! Only God can make a butterfly!

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