Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey all you sapien types, I've recently seen a new magazine article which claims that man is still evolving and at a substantially faster rate than ever before. My only question was, "when did we establish as fact that man had ever evolved?"

Presumptuous as this may sound, we have no evidence whatsoever that mankind or any other creature has ever evolved. Now if they're talking about differences in brainscans according to environment and such then remember our bodies adapt to certain environmental forces, but that isn't evolution. For instance, your brain makes new neural connections all the time. From an infant on up, as you learn, your brain is making new neural connections and pathways. That isn't evolution.

Evolution would be a woman giving birth to a completely new species, something NOT human. But that has never happened. You know, when the CREATOR made this world and populated it with plants and animals and all manner of creeping things upon the Earth, the bible says they reproduced "after their own kind."

In other words, apple trees always produce apples and orange trees always produce oranges. Dogs may produce a variety of different kinds of dogs from the dog gene pool, but they always produce more dogs! In the same way, folks, human beings always produce other human beings. That's not evolution, but it is just exactly what God said in the beginning!

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  1. Wow, that is just astoundingly arrogant. You mean all those evolutionary biologists are just plain deluded?

    Besides, the fact that you think evolution is "a woman giving birth to a completely new species" shows that you have no even the slightest grasp of what the theory even means, so you are in no position to judge.