Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello everyone and welcome back to my class! As we continue to examine the handywork of the the Creator. Today we look at the birds and the bees for a moment. Did you know that scientists claim the bee should not be able to fly? And yet they do anyway, because that is the way they were made. Man doesn't know everything you know? In fact it took many years for man to figure out a way to make his machines fly. Ultimately the Wright Brothers were able to solve the problems associated with mechanical flight, but the birds and bees had always been doing it because the Creator designed them precisely for it.

Speaking of Birds and Bees, both of these amazing creatures are very important to the process of pollenation. Without pollenation most of the species of plants in our world would not be able to reproduce. While their are a number of ways to go about pollenation, Vector pollenation is essential. This involves an insect, bird or bat coming to the plant or flower and unknowingly carrying pollen on its body to other plants or flowers of the same species.

Now, many scientists claim that plants evolved earlier than the higher creatures who happen to be the vectors used by them for how did they survive those millions of years waiting on their vector animal or insect to evolve?

Also, it is important to note that these flowers and such utilize smells and colors to attract their vectors. I'm wondering how a brainless plant would know which color was necessary to attract a bee or bird. And by the way, did you know that most birds don't even smell things. And did you realize that the plants using birds as vectors don't produce fragrances in order to attract them? Wow! How did those brainless plants know not to bother producing attractive fragrances? How did those brainless plants know that their bird vectors didn't attract by smell?

Gee it's almost as if a wonderful, all powerful CREATOR had to design both the flowers and their vectors to work together in the ecosystem he created and he had to create them, not millions of years apart, very close together, maybe even days...wink, wink.

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